Earn $$ Selling StorageCraft OneXafe Now Through November 30th

Presenting OneXafe, the industry’s first scale-out converged secondary storage that can serve primary workloads and is integrated with cloud-based disaster recovery for end-to-end business continuity. Earn $$ Selling StorageCraft OneXafe Now Through November 30th Have an opportunity? Register a OneXafe deal and receive $150 from StorageCraft, just for registering! Lifeboat can even register the deal … Continue reading Earn $$ Selling StorageCraft OneXafe Now Through November 30th

Data is the Lifeline for Your Business: Guard it Fiercely   The IT landscape has changed significantly in recent years. According to IDC research, the data growth rates now double every two years. Therefore, businesses need near-constant access to their data and any loss of data-access due to unplanned downtime or inability to recover data … Continue reading

Storagecraft Upcoming Promos!

Storagecraft is excited to release their upcoming promos for the beginning of the year!  Reach out to your Lifeboat representative if you have any questions! StorageCraft MSP Bundle- Complete onsite and offsite disaster recovery protection for one simple, low monthly price!  Reach out to Lifeboat to get your pricing options on two bundle options! http://goto.storagecraft.com/msp-bundle.htmlContinue reading Storagecraft Upcoming Promos!

New! Network Insight for Cisco ASA

Standard monitoring tools don’t provide enough visibility into key firewall metrics. That’s why SolarWinds has launched the new Network Insight™ for Cisco® ASA, a feature of Network Performance Monitor and Network Configuration Manager. SolarWinds® Network Insight for Cisco ASA goes beyond basic up/down status. It provides comprehensive firewall performance and access control list monitoring that lets … Continue reading New! Network Insight for Cisco ASA