Flexera Releases InstallShield 2018!

 NEW Open Source Software Detection and Risk Assessment Make InstallShield your first line of defense against Apache Struts 2 and other known OSS vulnerabilities. One fast, automated scan identifies OSS components in your project. Know your license obligations and make informed ship/no-ship decisions. *Flexera’s FlexNet Code Aware  is the power behind the OSS scan, which… Read More Flexera Releases InstallShield 2018!

Generate Interest and New Leads with Thycotic!

Generate interest and new leads with this groundbreaking free online Risk Assessment Tool that provides a Risk Score and Report that focuses on access controls and management of an enterprise’s Privileged Access Management security practices for your clients. Privileged Access encompasses IT administrator and service account users that typically allow more rights and permissions than… Read More Generate Interest and New Leads with Thycotic!