Automate Your Business Workflows the Mobile Way with PRTG

Thanks to PRTG, you can monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. But what about taking this tool a step further, and automating your business workflow? If you’re looking for assistance in creating and automating workflows, Briefery is an easy and intuitive solution for building workflow automation applications! (Plus, it connects… Read More Automate Your Business Workflows the Mobile Way with PRTG

How to Improve Network Monitoring

In May 2018, Paessler AG unveiled their new Uptime Alliance technology program which promotes collaboration and empowers participants to incorporate network monitoring into their solutions whole offering improved services. PRTG allows monitoring the health and performance of an infrastructure in real time on networks, systems, hardware, applications and devices.  Downtime in an infrastructure can be crucial… Read More How to Improve Network Monitoring