Extrahop vs. Riverbed- Don’t Lose Visibility in a Murky Riverbed

How does the ExtraHop Performance Platform compare to Riverbed? NetOps and ITOps face countless challenges created by hybrid environments, SDN, and shadow IT. But they are far from insurmountable. While legacy NPM solutions, such as Riverbed–with its limited L7 visibility, shallow protocol analysis, and lack of machine learning–promise to deliver visibility and insights for the… Read More Extrahop vs. Riverbed- Don’t Lose Visibility in a Murky Riverbed

How to Improve Network Monitoring

In May 2018, Paessler AG unveiled their new Uptime Alliance technology program which promotes collaboration and empowers participants to incorporate network monitoring into their solutions whole offering improved services. PRTG allows monitoring the health and performance of an infrastructure in real time on networks, systems, hardware, applications and devices.  Downtime in an infrastructure can be crucial… Read More How to Improve Network Monitoring

DataCore Goes Beyond Storage

DataCore Software has just introduced a brand new product that goes beyond storage, to optimize the performance and productivity of Microsoft SQL Server. DataCore MaxParallel™ for SQL Server requires no changes to the database – it’s a simple plug-and-play piece of software that shortens your customers’ time to process transactions, generate reports and analyze trends.… Read More DataCore Goes Beyond Storage