Flexera AdminStudio 2019 Now Available

New: Windows 10 Continuous Compatibility With AdminStudio 2019, customers now have the capability to check the compatibility of the applications against a specific version of Windows 10, to support Microsoft’s, Windows-As-A-Service (WaaS) and frequent windows operating system updates. Staying current with the latest versions of Windows 10 is going to be a continuous and routine… Read More Flexera AdminStudio 2019 Now Available

InstallShield 2018 R2 Now Available!

InstallShield 2018 R2 Highlights Include:  NEW! Support for MSIX: Now supports the latest deployment type from Microsoft – MSIX, right out of the box. Easily create MSIX packages or migrate existing MSI projects effortlessly. Use your existing projects to generate MSIX packages with just a few clicks. NEW! Improved Designer Interface: Download the new InstallShield… Read More InstallShield 2018 R2 Now Available!

Flexera Releases InstallShield 2018!

 NEW Open Source Software Detection and Risk Assessment Make InstallShield your first line of defense against Apache Struts 2 and other known OSS vulnerabilities. One fast, automated scan identifies OSS components in your project. Know your license obligations and make informed ship/no-ship decisions. *Flexera’s FlexNet Code Aware  is the power behind the OSS scan, which… Read More Flexera Releases InstallShield 2018!