Globalscape Named Best Enterprise File Transfer Solutions Provider 2019

A Leader In Secure File Transfer Solutions

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) by Globalscape, is a powerful managed file transfer (MFT) platform which provides secure data transfer solutions to businesses of all sizes. EFT empowers customers with a robust feature set, offering tools for automation, collaboration, and analysis combined with the highest levels of data security. Through on-premises, Cloud, and hybrid solutions, EFT helps thousands of businesses share data securely and reliably with multiple locations and partners. 

Corporate Excellence Award winners are handpicked by CV Magazine based on comprehensive analysis of both qualitative and quantitative research over a 12-month period. The awards are designed to celebrate excellence in a number of core industries across the business landscape, highlighting those who have truly gone above and beyond to success in their endeavors, continually innovating, growing and improving.

If your organization is seeking a secure file transfer solution, you may be working hard to understand what file transfer management is best for your business. To learn the advantages of Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) and how Globalscape can help your team achieve its objectives quickly and easily, speak with a Lifeboat Sales Representative.

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