Automate Your Business Workflows the Mobile Way with PRTG

Thanks to PRTG, you can monitor all systems, devices, traffic and applications of your IT infrastructure. But what about taking this tool a step further, and automating your business workflow?

If you’re looking for assistance in creating and automating workflows, Briefery is an easy and intuitive solution for building workflow automation applications! (Plus, it connects with PRTG!)

This no-code application is easy to customize and runs on:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • In the cloud
  • On-premise

Briefery offers a structured way to manage business workflows like checklists, problem tickets, enforce corporate policies, safety and regulation reviews, project management, and report any irregularity in the organization that needs special attention.

Connect Briefery with PRTG Network Monitor

Connecting Briefery with PRTG Network Monitor allows PRTG to automatically trigger new workflows in Briefery.

While PRTG detects faults when they occur or even before they occur, Briefery provides a structured method of reporting a problem, assigning a ticket the technician, getting their acknowledgment, tracking progress, and escalating if needed. This data can then be exported to PDF or Excel for tracking purposes.

To learn more about how to connect Briefery to PRTG, click here for the full article.

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