Unlimited eSigning Available Now With Nitro Cloud

esigning image newsletter.png

Research shows that 65% of signatures are still “wet” (aka manual), and a full 51% of printing costs are just to sign a document. A deeper dive into the numbers reveals why: Less than 15% of employees have access to an eSignature tool. Available at a fraction of the cost and complexity of other solutions. Unlimited electronic signatures help every department expedite the most common document workflows and eliminate paper, while on-the-go productivity features increase collaboration for a more efficient, agile office.

Some organizations have already begun to reap the benefits of digital workflows and eSigning for all—from accelerated sales cycles and cost savings to reduced printing and happier employees and customers. With such tangible benefits at hand, end-to-end digital workflows have already become the gold standard for proactive, strategic businesses. Check out Nitro’s latest blog post, Electronic Signatures: The Key to Unlocking Digital Workflows to learn more.

Connect with your Lifeboat Rep today to learn more about all Nitro has to offer! 


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