Exciting Changes happened to Globalscape’s EFT Product on May 15th!

Effective May 15, 2018 Globalscape made a fairly comprehensive overhaul to the way that  EFT is packaged, bundled, and supported!

Along with Technical enhancements, the below are the branding changes that will help you better understand the changes to come and meet you customer’s needs!

The 3 Highlighted changes are as follows:

  1. EFT “SMB” Changes- EFT SMB is now EFT Express!

EFT Express now has New Bundle packages (Replacing Tier 1, 2, and 3):

  • EFT Express Core
  • EFT Express Basic
  • EFT Express Pro

2. EFT Enterprise Repackaging

  • Increasing the CORE Functionality of EFT Enterprise: MTC and CCM are now integrated into Enterprise Server
  • NEW Advanced Security Module (ASM) Consolidating AAM, CIC, and HSM- combining 2 factor authentication, ICAP Protocol, and Integration with DLP and Antivirus software
  • New Part numbers and pricing changes
  1. Maintenance and Support Services Changes:
  • Moving to a 4 tier service module (Standard and platinum are being re-named)
  • Basic (only available for EFT Express customers)
  • Professional (formerly Standard)
  • Premier (Formerly Platinum support)
  • Expert (Everything in Premier offers, but also includes a TAM)

To learn more, please contact Sales@Lifeboatdistribution.com and watch Globalscape’s informative video ‘here’ !

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