Say Goodbye to the Days of Losing Company Data During a Natural Disaster

We’ve all seen how the data lost in wildfires, floods, and ransomware attacks of the past year have taken companies down. Heck, 60% of companies close within six months of losing their data, yet 58% of small businesses haven’t prepared for data loss.

For 15 years, Acronis has made it easy and affordable to protect data on any platform so your customers can rebound in any situation. Today, our innovative solutions:

  • Protect data across 21 platforms from a single touch-friendly, web-based console
  • Ensure business continuity by recovering systems in mere seconds
  • Deliver secure hybrid cloud storage so data is out of harm’s way, but easily accessed
  • Defeat ransomware with the backup industry’s only AI-based technology that actively detects and stops attacks

Acronis Backup – the data protection solution that PC Magazine deems “pure gold” – keeps businesses running no matter what Mother Nature, cybercriminals or human error throws their way.

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