Lifeboat Regional Event in Toronto!

On October 23, 2017 Lifeboat Distribution held a Regional event in Toronto, Canada. The event took place at the Air Canada Centre for a Maple Leaf’s hockey game. Before the game, 10 vendor companies and 30 resellers partners had the opportunity to take part in a “speed networking” session. Each vendor took about 10 minutes to pitch to partners and hear about what business problems their products can potentially solve. The networking portion of the night gave all attendees the opportunity to have quality time with one another and exchange information for future business opportunities.

“You guys did an absolutely great job in putting the event together, very well organized and very efficient. The concept of speed presentation worked out absolutely great for our business. I look forward to Corel’s ongoing partnership with Lifeboat!”

— George Haddad,
Corel Account Manager

After the speed networking session, everyone headed into the the stadium to watch the game and continue networking. The successful event ended with a raffling of two Maple Leaf’s jerseys! Stuart Johnston from Windswept Integrated Technology and Tim Goodison SHI were the lucky winners of the night.



Lifeboat Distribution would like to thank the reseller partners and vendor sponsors for making our first Toronto event a success, we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

View the slideshow to see more photos of the night!


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