Technology Evolves – Your Backup Should Too.

Technology Evolves – Your Backup Should Too.

The fastest growing threat to your data is ransomware. Listen to Acronis’s webinar to learn the simple steps you can take to defeat the fastest growing threat to your customer’s data.

Listen in here!

•What ransomware is and how it can take your company’s files and computer system hostage.

•Why cybercriminals have begun expanding the types of targets they are attacking with ransomware.

•How regularly scheduled full image backups can reduce the effects of ransomware encryption, making attacks a simple nuisance instead of a crippling data loss event.

•Why it is critical to store a copy of your backup secure and off-site, and how to keep that copy easily accessible for when you need a quick recovery.

•How Acronis is helping users combat ransomware with its artificial intelligence-based Acronis Active Protection – the only backup technology that actively detects and stops ransomware attacks, and automatically restores any affected files.

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