…and the Gold Goes to Panda Security!

2017 was  busy year for AV-Comparatives when running their meticulous investigations on computer security products.  Their studies were conducted against real-world threats, identifying thousands of recent malicious programs, providing protection without slowing down the PC, and removing malware that has already infected a drive.

The results were clear.  After receiving the highest level of protection in the Real-World Protection Test from February to June 2017, Panda Security then went on to achieve the highest level of protection for the overall year in 2017.

Panda takes the 2017 GOLD in the AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test!

“AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test is one of the most challenging antivirus software tests there is. It simulates a typical user browsing the Internet. [It] is unique in the fact that it runs fully automatically, meaning no other testing lab can test against the same huge number of threats. Logging, screen video recording and sandboxing are all completely automated,” according to Andreas Clementi, founder and CEO of AV-Comparatives.

The acknowledgments Panda Security received  in 2017 are the following :

“Real-World Protection 2017 Gold Award” and “Approved Security Product” for its Panda Free Antivirus solution focused for homeusers and  for Adaptive Defense 360, the advanced cybersecurity solution for companies, respectively.

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To read the full report click here.

Improve the Performance, Scalability and Reliability of Applications!

It’s no surprise that traffic volumes are increasing and applications are becoming more complex. Two of the most crucial requirements for any online service provider are availability and redundancy. If even a single component fails or becomes overwhelmed, the server is overloaded and unfortunately, everyone suffers. Deciding to implement a load balancing solution before unexpected events happen could be the best course of action to take to reduce infrastructure-related costs, while optimizing the resilience of the entire environment.

edgeNEXUS load balancers improve the performance, scalability and reliability of applications for a superb end user experience. Just some of the features that edgeNEXUS has are:

  • Pre-Authentication
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Automatic Configuration
  • Intelligent Traffic Management
  • Advanced Server Health Monitoring
  • Reporting

For many of us, we rely on web services to be available at all hours of the day. When dealing with high traffic web applications, load balancing is vital for maintaining the reliability and availability of a service. edgeNEXUS load balancer is a feature-rich, yet cost-effective, giving you the comprehensive tool-set you need to overcome real-world application delivery challenges. Resilience, Acceleration, Scalability and Control are just a few benefits of why you should make the move to edgeNEXUS!

For more information on edgeNEXUS contact your Lifeboat sales rep today.

Bitdefender wins Product of the Year!

Congratulations to Bitdefender for winning AV-Comparatives,


AV- Comparatives named Bitdefender best product of the year for its overall performance in their testing which was consistently unbeaten in 2017.

In addition to claiming this tremendous honor, Bitdefender also received Gold Award for the Real-World Protection Test (jointly), Silver for the Malware Protection Test and Removal Test, and Bronze for the Performance Test.

High remarks were appointed to Bitdefender for their guided tour of the program which is offered once the software installation has been applied.

Bitdefender Product of the Year

To read the full report click here.
To learn more about Bitdefender offered through Lifeboat Distribution click here.

GFI Software Promotions Available Now!

GFI is happy to announce the following promotional offers, which will run until March 30th, 2018. Take advantage and save some money today!

  • New Business: Switch to GFI Software
    • For a limited time only, you will be able to offer a GFI Software product for your customers with a competitive product license at a discounted rate. Customers who present an active competitive license or valid competitive quote, can switch to a GFI Software product and receive a discount of up to 50% n the GFI New Business list price. *Excluding GFI FaxMaker Online, Kerio Cloud and third parties.
    • Promo Code: GFINBQ118_3
  • New Business: GDPR Learn and Earn
    • Partners can earn an additional discount of up to 10% of the first new sales of the specified GFI products when they successfully pass Level 100 certification and those who pass Level 200 will get a discount of up to 20%.
    • Eligible Products: GFI EventsManager, GFI LanGuard, GFI OneGuard, GFI OneConnect, GFI Archiver and Kerio Control.
    • Promo Code: GFINBQ118_5
  • Renewals: Early Bird – 15% off Renewals
    • Customers whose license expires between April 1st and May 31st, 2018 can benefit from a discount of up to 15% if they renew before March 30th, 2018. *Excluding GFI FaxMaker Online, Kerio Cloud, version upgrade and additional licenses.
    • Promo Code: GFIRBQ118_1
  • Renewals: Renew 2 Years SMA, Get 3rd Year for Free
    • Customers expiring between January 1st to June 30th, 2018, who renew their Service Maintenance Agreement/subscription for 2 years will get the 3rd year for free. *Excluding GFI FaxMaker Online, Kerio Cloud and all third-party products.
    • Promo Code: GFIRBQ118_2


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Panda Security named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Endpoint protection is evolving to address more of Gartner’s adaptive security architecture tasks such as hardening, investigation, incident detection, and incident response. Security and risk management leaders should ensure that their EPP vendor evolves fast enough to keep up with modern threats.


Panda Security’s unique value proposition is the classification or attestation of every single executable file and process on a protected endpoint device, and it is the only vendor to include a managed threat hunting service in the base purchase of its EPP. Adaptive Defense 360 is fully cloud managed, and combines EPP and EDR into a single offering and single agent.


The attestation service implements an automatic application whitelisting model, where only trusted and approved applications and processes are able to execute. By offloading the classification and authorization process to the vendor, organizations will have a much better deployment success rate than trying to deploy a manual application control solution.

Panda Security’s cloud-first approach, and the managed services backing the EPP and EDR capabilities, are beginning to increase brand awareness outside of Europe.

Organizations without experienced security staff will find Panda Security a good shortlist candidate for an EPP solution, as will organizations considering managed detection and response solutions that are prepared to replace their incumbent EPP vendor.


  • The 100% attestation service can drastically reduce the threat surface of endpoints.
  • Due to the classification of all executable processes, Panda Security is able to provide detailed information on vulnerable versions of applications that are present in the environment.
  • Panda Security’s Adaptive Defense platform was one of the first to combine endpoint protection features with managed EDR capabilities.
  • The price point is extremely attractive when buyers consider the capabilities and managed services that are included.

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Sophos launches the future of Cybersecurity with Deep Learning Technology

Already an industry leader in next-gen endpoint protection, Intercept X now harnesses the power of a deep learning neural network for unsurpassed protection against malware. The artificial intelligence used by Sophos is an advanced form of machine learning that mimics the human brain. This results in a smarter, more scalable and lighter approach to security.

Smarter: Deep Learning processes complex data and relationships through multiple layers, allowing it to uncover results traditional learning can’t.

More Scalable: Deep Learning effectively scales to millions of samples. Massive amounts of data can be memorized and learned over time.

Lighter: Deep Learning has highly compressed results versus traditional machine learning, resulting in a near zero impact on performance.

Bring the power of Deep Learning and the best possible protection to your customers with the newly released Intercept X and Central Endpoint Advanced combined sku!

Contact your dedicated Lifeboat Account Rep for more information!


Flexera Releases InstallShield 2018!

 NEW Open Source Software Detection and Risk Assessment

Make InstallShield your first line of defense against Apache Struts 2 and other known OSS vulnerabilities. One fast, automated scan identifies OSS components in your project. Know your license obligations and make informed ship/no-ship decisions.

*Flexera’s FlexNet Code Aware  is the power behind the OSS scan, which seamlessly integrates into InstallShield 2018 at no additional cost. InstallShield 2018 includes a free, one-year subscription to FlexNet Code Aware.

ENHANCED Windows Installer (MSI) Installations

Quickly and easily create Windows Installer (MSI) installations with advanced support for SQL databases, enhanced options in IIS view (InstallShield 2018 Premier and Professional versions only), XML editing and much more with InstallShield’s intuitive graphical development environment.

ENHANCED Custom Bootstrappers to Bundle Universal Windows Platform App Packages, MSI Installers and More

Suite/Advanced UI installations bundle Universal Windows Platform app packages, MSI installers, EXE setups, Web Deploy packages and more into a single installer for simple installation by your customers. Enhancements in InstallShield 2018 offer more control for suite installation authors. Installers can be bundled with their dependencies, server configuration tasks, PowerShell scripts, and all the required components of a complex installation.


Storagecraft Upcoming Promos!

Storagecraft is excited to release their upcoming promos for the beginning of the year!  Reach out to your Lifeboat representative if you have any questions!

The Time for Improved Security is Now

2018 has already been marked by several security holes and attacks such as Meltdown and Spectre and trends show that even more complex attacks are to be expected. 2018 is not the year to cut the security budget and go with a sub-par solution. 2018 is the year to turn to the best solution on the market and catch threats before they become a problem and cost you even more money in damage control.

Panda Security recommends all companies adopt Panda Adaptive Defense 360, the only solution capable of providing such high protection levels with its managed security services. Adaptive Defense 360 protects against known and unknown malware attacks by monitoring 100% of all running processes and blocking them until they are deemed safe. The protection capabilities of Panda Security’s technologies and protection model are demonstrated in the third-party tests conducted by such prestigious laboratories as AV-Comparatives where Panda detected 100% of malware and had zero false positives.

On top of having a top-notch security solution, Panda also recommends taking the following precautions:

  • Keep your operating systems, security systems and all other applications always up to date to prevent security incidents.
  • Do not open email messages or files coming from unknown sources. Raise awareness among users, employees and contractors about the importance of following this recommendation.
  • Do not access insecure Web pages or pages whose content has not been verified. Raise awareness among home and corporate users about the importance of following this recommendation.
  • Protect all your desktops, laptops and servers with a security solution that continually monitors the activity of every program and process run in your organization, only allowing trusted files to run and immediately responding to any anomalous or malicious behavior.

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