Ransomware Doesn’t Discriminate

Bitdefender recently released an article around the startling Ransomware statistics and who is a likely target.  The answer is in fact that no one is safe.

Getting close to number one, Ransomware is a top threat globally and plans need to be put in place to protect against these cybercrimes.  Due to the nature of the attacks, hackers are able to focus their efforts on individuals, businesses and cities alike to demand large amounts of cash to decrypt the data held hostage.

Bottom Line: Everyone is a target.

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Paessler Unveils Uptime Alliance

In May 2018, Paessler AG unveiled their new Uptime Alliance technology program which promotes collaboration and empowers participants to incorporate network monitoring into their solutions whole offering improved services.

PRTG allows monitoring the health and performance of an infrastructure in real time on networks, systems, hardware, applications and devices.  Downtime in an infrastructure can be crucial which is why Paessler wants to ensure partners 100% uptime.

To learn more about Paessler’s Uptime Alliance visit their full article here.  Contact your Lifeboat Rep with any questions!

Software Vulnerabilities: Risk Challenges

With vulnerabilities continuously on the rise reaching all new record highs, the struggle to keep risk is more complicated than ever.

The best way to fix these vulnerabilities is to prioritize them.  That’s where Flexera comes in.  Flexera’s technology on their Software Vulnerability Management tool helps achieve visibility, prioritizes efforts and remediates vulnerabilities faster and without operational overhead.

Knowing what you have and where is the best way to stay ahead of vulnerable applications.

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The independent laboratory AV-Comparatives has awarded Panda Security the maximum possible score for detection in its first test of corporate solutions.

In March and April of 2018, launched over 600 real cases (such as malicious URLs) and Panda Endpoint Protection Plus detected and blocked 100% of the samples it was put up against.

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For the full article: Panda Security: 100% Detection Rate in Corporate Endpoint Protection According to AV- Comparatives

The Nitro Productivity Suite: PDF Productivity and eSigning for All

Nitro recently debuted the Nitro Productivity Suite, a fully integrated solution that empowers you and your teams to do your best work. Combining the powerful PDF productivity of Nitro Pro 12 with unlimited eSignature workflows through Nitro Cloud, the Nitro Productivity Suite enables your business to accelerate daily document workflows, reduce printing, and equip more users with necessary digital tools. As the first solution to offer PDF productivity and eSigning in a single subscription that’s easy to purchase, use, and afford, the Nitro Productivity Suite will transform how your business works with documents at enterprise scale. To learn more, contact your Lifeboat sales rep.

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How To Protect Organizations From CryptoJacking

If you thought Ransomware attacks were popular, be prepared to see an uptick in emerging cybercrime with Cryptojacking.

Is this another security scare or is it here for stay?  The answer: Cryptojacking is here to stay.

Cryptojacking is a high-reward and low-risk cybercrime, at least compared to other types of attacks, which is something that criminals love.  All organizations running unpatched or outdated software on their infrastructure are under a serious risk of being targeted.

To keep data centers from falling victim to highly advanced cryptojacking threats such as WannaMine, Bitdefender offers a powerful prevention technology – Hypervisor Introspection, uniquely capable of defending against zero day vulnerabilities and advanced threats, whether their purpose is to plant cyberespionage malware or deliver cryptocurrency mining software.

It’s important to prevent and detect cryptojacking file-based and fileless attacks during various stages of the attack lifecycle, both inside the data center and on endpoints. Bitdefender GravityZone Elite provides layered next-generation security that greatly helps doing this, while memory protection technology can detect any exploit-enabled delivery mechanisms looking to distribute cryptomining software onto endpoints.

Click here for the full article from Bitdefender

Exciting Changes happened to Globalscape’s EFT Product on May 15th!

Effective May 15, 2018 Globalscape made a fairly comprehensive overhaul to the way that  EFT is packaged, bundled, and supported!

Along with Technical enhancements, the below are the branding changes that will help you better understand the changes to come and meet you customer’s needs!

The 3 Highlighted changes are as follows:

  1. EFT “SMB” Changes- EFT SMB is now EFT Express!

EFT Express now has New Bundle packages (Replacing Tier 1, 2, and 3):

  • EFT Express Core
  • EFT Express Basic
  • EFT Express Pro

2. EFT Enterprise Repackaging

  • Increasing the CORE Functionality of EFT Enterprise: MTC and CCM are now integrated into Enterprise Server
  • NEW Advanced Security Module (ASM) Consolidating AAM, CIC, and HSM- combining 2 factor authentication, ICAP Protocol, and Integration with DLP and Antivirus software
  • New Part numbers and pricing changes
  1. Maintenance and Support Services Changes:
  • Moving to a 4 tier service module (Standard and platinum are being re-named)
  • Basic (only available for EFT Express customers)
  • Professional (formerly Standard)
  • Premier (Formerly Platinum support)
  • Expert (Everything in Premier offers, but also includes a TAM)

To learn more, please contact Sales@Lifeboatdistribution.com and watch Globalscape’s informative video ‘here’ !

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