How To Protect Organizations From CryptoJacking

If you thought Ransomware attacks were popular, be prepared to see an uptick in emerging cybercrime with Cryptojacking.

Is this another security scare or is it here for stay?  The answer: Cryptojacking is here to stay.

Cryptojacking is a high-reward and low-risk cybercrime, at least compared to other types of attacks, which is something that criminals love.  All organizations running unpatched or outdated software on their infrastructure are under a serious risk of being targeted.

To keep data centers from falling victim to highly advanced cryptojacking threats such as WannaMine, Bitdefender offers a powerful prevention technology – Hypervisor Introspection, uniquely capable of defending against zero day vulnerabilities and advanced threats, whether their purpose is to plant cyberespionage malware or deliver cryptocurrency mining software.

It’s important to prevent and detect cryptojacking file-based and fileless attacks during various stages of the attack lifecycle, both inside the data center and on endpoints. Bitdefender GravityZone Elite provides layered next-generation security that greatly helps doing this, while memory protection technology can detect any exploit-enabled delivery mechanisms looking to distribute cryptomining software onto endpoints.

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Exciting Changes happened to Globalscape’s EFT Product on May 15th!

Effective May 15, 2018 Globalscape made a fairly comprehensive overhaul to the way that  EFT is packaged, bundled, and supported!

Along with Technical enhancements, the below are the branding changes that will help you better understand the changes to come and meet you customer’s needs!

The 3 Highlighted changes are as follows:

  1. EFT “SMB” Changes- EFT SMB is now EFT Express!

EFT Express now has New Bundle packages (Replacing Tier 1, 2, and 3):

  • EFT Express Core
  • EFT Express Basic
  • EFT Express Pro

2. EFT Enterprise Repackaging

  • Increasing the CORE Functionality of EFT Enterprise: MTC and CCM are now integrated into Enterprise Server
  • NEW Advanced Security Module (ASM) Consolidating AAM, CIC, and HSM- combining 2 factor authentication, ICAP Protocol, and Integration with DLP and Antivirus software
  • New Part numbers and pricing changes
  1. Maintenance and Support Services Changes:
  • Moving to a 4 tier service module (Standard and platinum are being re-named)
  • Basic (only available for EFT Express customers)
  • Professional (formerly Standard)
  • Premier (Formerly Platinum support)
  • Expert (Everything in Premier offers, but also includes a TAM)

To learn more, please contact and watch Globalscape’s informative video ‘here’ !

Have you heard? Infragistics Ultimate 18.1 has arrived! What’s New in 18.1, you ask? Read on to find out!

Infragistics semi-annual release of their Infragistics Ultimate 18.1 development suite is HERE, and it is loaded with features that are modernizing user experience and UI tooling. With optimization and performance in mind, they’ve included updates to their .NET, JavaScript, and HTML5 data grids and chart components, user-friendly functionalities for their Angular data grid, and robust Microsoft Excel-style spreadsheet solutions for .NET and JavaScript.

 Fastest Angular Grid and Angular Charts:

With 18.1, you’ll benefit from the market-leading performance you’ve come to expect from Infragistics in both their Angular Data Grid and our Angular Chart.  The grid benefits from both column and row based virtualization, giving you desktop-like scrolling performance for any number of rows or columns in the Grid. In the Angular Chart, they’ve optimized their canvas-based chart renderer for Angular, giving you multi-million data point renders in millisecond timeframes – all with smooth zooming & panning with the mouse or touch on mobile devices.  Experience this awesome performance yourself in the Angular Grid   and Angular Chart samples!

Along with the great performance, you’ll also appreciate all of the new features they’ve added to the grid as well, including Column & Row virtualization, Paging, Column level support for Filtering, Sorting, Summaries, Pinning, Hiding, Resizing, grid level Filtering, Row Selection / Select All, Export to Excel (XLSX, CSV, TSV), and a whole lot more!

 Check out the What’s New Blog to learn about all of the new features and capabilities in 18.1 for Angular.

 Interactive, Real-Time Financial Charting:

The new Financial Chart control for WPF, JavaScript and Angular gives developers a complete financial analysis charting tool with single line of code.  A built-in toolbar gives one-click access to Bollinger Bands and Price Channel overlays, over 25 built-in Financial Indicators, over a dozen Trend Line options, multiple Chart Types & Volume Indicators – all preset in a convenient toolbar with built in time-based filtering. 

To learn more about the charts, head over to either of our What’s New Blogs for Ignite UI  and Ultimate UI for WPF.

 Excel and Spreadsheet Solutions for .NET and JavaScript:

With extensive updates to their Excel Library component, now with over 300 supported Excel functions, support for conditional formatting, table sorting & filtering and Worksheet sorting & filtering, you can manipulate your Microsoft Excel data without ever needing Microsoft Excel installed on your desktop or server!  With these improvements, they’ve added new interaction menus and custom dialogs to the JavaScript Spreadsheet & WPF Spreadsheet controls.  You can now interactively Filter, Sort, Format Cells, add Conditional Formatting and more with built-in menus on the Spreadsheet.

Take a look at our What’s New for Ultimate UI for Windows Forms, Ignite UI, and Ultimate UI for WPF     to read about updates to the Excel Library & Spreadsheet controls.  

 Lifeboat is excited about this release so please reach out to your Lifeboat sales rep today for more information!


Unitrends Targets Veeam with VM Backup Solution

Unitrends has introduced a new product targeted specifically at Veeam’s market, VM Backup Essentials (vBE). It’s available now in a 6-socket version appropriate for SMBs and departments within enterprises, and is priced significantly below Veeam. They are also working on a more robust version of vBE with unlimited capacity and it’s scheduled to be available later this quarter.

Paul Brady, Unitrends’ CEO, said that their offering is focused on customer pain points, and is very much oriented towards the VM administrator. Many Veeam customers may now feel abandoned as Veeam is more focused on enterprise and Unitrends has just the solution for them! This isn’t new for Unitrends, but it is the first time they have created a product which they see as a definite Veeam-killer.

Pricing is aggressive, at $105 per socket per year, and is an important part of the value proposition, but Unitrends is emphasizing that this isn’t just a price play. They wanted to make the pricing very attractive to take advantage of the high costs Veeam has. It’s a good price for Unitrends, and they can make a profit on it, but its also a fair price for the customer.

To learn more about this and to read the full article Click Here!


Unitrends vBE




Thycotics’ Secret Server is your secret weapon to privileged account security. Here’s Why!

Discover & Store Privileged Accounts

  • Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
  • Accomplishes in minutes what would take countless IT hours.

Manage & Audit Privileged Accounts

  • Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
  • Alerts you to abnormal use of credentials.
  • Dramatically improves your security posture.
  • Facilitates adherence to compliance standards.

Monitory & Control Privileged Accounts

  • Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse.
  • Provide full view to SOC with SIEM integration of privilege activities.
  • Non-repudiation evidence for auditors through active recording & monitoring

To learn more contact and click here for some eye-opening statistics

Welcome to the New DataCore: 3 Need-to-Know Facts

DataCore has refreshed their image, refreshed their strategy, and refreshed their messaging!

  1. New DataCore, New Brand, New Website

DataCore has launched a new identity. And in this case, the art of rebranding includes a new logo, new colors and an updated visual style. But from a more in-depth definition, this new identity is modern and progressive, yet conveys a stable and reliable company.

While it is a new logo, this logo mark builds on their legacy – but, also communicates movement and simplicity.

Last, but not least, stop by their new website before you go as well. It not only reflects DataCore’s new identity, but it conveys they are a modern company.

2. Focused Marketing Message
With DataCore’s new identity, comes a refreshed marketing message.

Recognizing the importance of data for any business, DataCore is embracing the concept of Real-Time Data as the value they bring to organizations. Real-Time Data means data is always available, it is everywhere, it is immediate. It empowers businesses to react faster than ever, make decisions faster, and provide customers with crucial data immediately. Real-Time Data is the category that includes their market-leading Software-defined Software solution and their new MaxParallel workload optimization product, as well as future offerings they may develop.

3. New Leadership: Executive Team Expands to Capitalize on Real-Time Data Market

If you’ve got a new website and new marketing message down, then what left does it take to rebrand a fast growing tech company like DataCore? An expansion to the executive team maybe?

In a recently issued press release, DataCore announced three changes to their executive leadership they have made in the past few months: George Teixeira becoming chairman for the company, Dave Zabrowski as their CEO and Gerardo A. Dada as CMO.   These are just some of the improvements DataCore has made over the past few months to strengthen their ability to help their valuable partners! In 2018, Lifeboat, DataCore and our mutual partners look forward to making it our best year working together.

Join us for a Day Filled with SPEED and the Datacenter!

Date:  Tuesday, May 22th, 2018

Time:   10:00am – 4:00pm EDT

Location:  Annapolis Waterfront Hotel
80 Compromise Street
Annapolis, MD 21401
(410) 268-7555

Join Lifeboat and its partners for some SPEED dating around the Datacenter. Engage and Network with your manufacturer reps and learn something new. We will have a giveaway for some cool prizes from gift cards, the latest Tech Gadgets and much more. Enjoy a day filled with food, beverages, and the Blue Angels.

Please register today and stay tuned for further details.

PlateSpin Migration Factory Partner Enablement Training

Micro Focus will be sponsoring an in person training on PlateSpin Migration Factory, Thursday June 21st into Friday June 22nd!  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.  Only 40 seats are available so register while you can!  Details are below.

MF Training 6.21

To optimize their IT infrastructure, enterprises often undertake big projects that move large numbers of server workloads from one platform or data center to another, or to the cloud. In many cases, these enterprises will get help from partners or systems integrators to help them complete the most complex projects on time and within budget.

PlateSpin® Migration Factory automates and integrates the planning, execution, and management of large-scale cloud and data center migration projects, at lowest cost and risk.

During our 2-day training, students learn all aspects of migrating workloads. Using a mix of lecture and hands-on labs, the instructor guides the students through the product installation. After successfully installing all server and client components, the students immediately dive into discovery of Windows and Linux workloads and target platforms. They then learn how to perform various types of migrations, with a strong focus on large-scale migration projects or cloud migration projects where service downtime has to be reduced to an absolute minimum.

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How are Your Customers Protecting Their Data?

How are your customers protecting their data? Are you offering them the best back-up solution on the market while making you the most margins? With Lifeboat, you have plenty of options!

For a limited time only, our top Backup Vendors are offering Lifeboat Exclusive Promotions in our Dare to Compare Campaign. Register Here to listen to all their offerings and see how they stack up against Veeam!

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