Sophos Intercept X for Server Release

SOPHOS UPDATE!!   Intercept X for Server is here!

Sophos Server Protection now gives you an even greater competitive advantage. Newly added Intercept X features ensure your customers continue to have the best possible server protection:

Intercept X Advanced for Server (formerly Central Server Protection Advanced)

  • Now with deep learning, exploit protection, anti-hacker mitigations, and root cause analysis.

Central Server Protection (formerly Central Server Protection Standard)

  • Now includes Malicious Traffic Detection (MTD), Synchronized Security Heartbeat™, application control, peripheral control, web control and data loss prevention.

Protect the critical applications and data at the core of your organization, whether that data is on physical servers, virtual servers, or in the cloud. Intercept X for Server is here.

Reach out to your Lifeboat Rep for additional details!

Upcoming Enhancements to Sophos Central Server Protection!

Sophos Central Server Protection will soon be even better! As server-focused attacks continue to evolve, we’re making a number of enhancements to ensure that you and your customers have the best possible protection.

For a list of changes and dates be sure to check out to visit Sophos’ full article HERE!


ABBYY’s Summer Special Promo is HERE!

Solve some PDF-related issues before summer

Do you also receive documents which are not quite as easy to work with as you would wish? No worries, you are not alone. Whether they are non-searchable, non-editable PDFs, scanned or even mobile images of documents, or simply paper, these documents can be “tamed” quickly and easily with the right tools. Check out what kind of summer specials ABBYY is offering now!

Summer Special

30% OFF

ABBYY FineReader 14 Corporate


Lifeboat Exclusive

30% OFF

FineReader Enterprise

Corporate- Both full license, upgrade license- ESD and Boxed
Enterprise- Full & Upgrade version BOX version ONLY (Not ESD)

Learn more & start selling! Contact for inquiries. Offer expires August 10th, 2018.

Protect Your Business From Cyber-criminals and Hackers

Thycotic’s 2018 Global Channel Partner Survey highlights client cybersecurity concerns and opportunities for Solution Providers


Survey results suggest an urgent need for Solution Providers to not only educate their clients about cybersecurity risks, but to directly assist clients in taking action by supplying software tools and services that will minimize and mitigate threats.

To learn more contact

Special Summer Offer for DataCore Channel Partners!


Capacity for second storage system only – FREE with a minimum purchase of 20TB! Receive a 50% discount on Capacity for Net New Customers who purchase 20TBs + (without no cap). i.e. Buy 20 TBs and get 20 TBs for free.

Learn more & start selling! Contact for inquiries. Offer expires September 30, 2018.

Acronis Q3 Promotions through Sept 28, 2018

Current Acronis Promo’s –

Valid until September 28, 2018

Acronis Backup Advanced Universal License – 25% off Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced Universal License***

Acronis Cloud Storage Promotion – 20% discount on Acronis Cloud Storage New licenses***

*Promotion code must be quoted on the order to take advantage of the discount promotion.

Competitive Promotion: Acronis will match the cost of competitor maintenance renewal and the cost of Cloud Storage***

Veeam, Veritas and Arcserve customers have an easy way out: Switch to Acronis Backup 12.5 Advanced – the world’s fastest, most complete backup solution – and they pay the same price of their upcoming renewal. In addition, Acronis will match the cost of Cloud Storage.

*To apply for this promotion customer must provide their renewal quote to demonstrate they currently have an active competitor environment.

Protect Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes with Acronis Backup – Up to 55% discount***

  • 55% discount on 1 year Subscriptions of Acronis Backup for Office 365.
  • 50% discount on 1 year Subscriptions of Acronis Backup for Office 365.
  • 45% discount on 1 year Subscriptions of Acronis Backup for Office 365.
*Promotion code must be quoted on the order to take advantage of the discount promotion.
***Promotion only applies to new customers/business deals, not maintenance, renewals or upgrades.

Acronis Backup Advanced Universal License – 25% discount- Promo Code: AMEUN25
Acronis Cloud Storage Promotion – 20% discount – Promo Code: Cloud20
Competitive Promotion – Promo Code: MATCHNOW
Protect Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes with Acronis Backup – Up to 55% off: Promo Code: Office50

Contact for more information


Back Up your AV with StorageCraft

Anti-Virus Software is the most commonly used security feature when protecting against cybercrime.  For years it has been a well known staple for computer users.  You’re protected- the hackers will never get through- until they do.

What happens when your anti-virus software isn’t enough?

Any information you can’t afford to lose should be backed up and stored in a place where you can easily recover these files. StorageCraft helps you back up by replicating your data and storing it on our cloud, giving you easy access in case of a cyber attack. This also helps lower the risk of extended periods of downtime and make it easier to get your business back on its feet in case something does happen.

Contact your Lifeboat Rep at to request a free trail of ShadowProtect!

Improving information accuracy and reliability are two of the primary reasons why organizations install a time and attendance system. Yet, many of them still rely on a manual process to track their employees time worked.

With Insperity’s TimeStar, your clients can electronically tackle their timekeeping, paid time off requests, scheduling needs, and more, allowing human resource managers the ability to invest their energy on supporting their company’s most important assets: their people.

Read Insperity’s eBook, Top 6 Benefits of Automating Time and Attendance, to learn how an automated time and attendance solution can help your clients business.

If you are interested in offering a time and attendance solution to your clients, check out our TimeStar campaign-in-a-box to access valuable resources and information you can share with your clients or contact your Lifeboat representative for more information.

Learn from Acronis how NOT to be a Target of Ransomware!

Ransomware has become one of the most threatening coercions amongst Cyber-Criminals. If you don’t know what Ransomware is, read on and let Acronis help you become a trusted IT advisor for your end users!

Ransomware threats are very real!  It is a type of malware, which blocks entire operating systems or parts of files and documents until the victim pays a monetary ransom. If you use email, browse websites, spend time on social networks, or connect to local networks, whether it be at work, at home, or in public spaces, you are at risk. If you also either use removable USB drives, whether on a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you are always a click or two away from a possible ransomware infiltration. Once infected, you’re in danger of losing all of the files on your computer. Ransomware is a small piece of criminal software that highjacks your computer by encrypting your files, denying you access to them, and then demands online payment for their release. It’s one of the most shameless forms of cyber extortion, and in some cases, actual blackmail. The most common sources of Ransomware attacks come from Email phishing attacks, Social network ransomware attacks, and also Ransomware infected websites. However, Cyber-Criminals can be very crafty, trying to lure their next victim in the most unsuspecting ways, but Acronis can help you outsmart these Ransomware gangs!

Prevent Ransomware- don’t be a victim. Outsmart cyber-criminals with a few simple steps. It’s easy, but only if you know what to look for.

What does a ransomware attack look like?

Ransomware is a well-developed one-billion-dollar criminal industry. There are many different types of ransomware, but most of them are similar in their execution:

  1. Ransomware file is downloaded to a user computer.
  2. Ransomware is installed on the computer — usually with the user’s help, e.g., opening an attachment or double-clicking a link as described above.
  3. Ransomware starts quietly encrypting the victim’s files (this can be either immediate, or delayed).
  4. When the file encryption process is complete, ransomware displays a ransom message with a countdown timer and instructions how to pay. Normally the victim is asked to download a Tor browser and make an anonymous payment using the online crypto-currency Bitcoin.
  5. Ransomware may also attempt to spread to other systems on the same network as the infected device, including local backup servers

What to do if you became a victim of a ransomware attack?

If you have become the victim of a ransomware attack, you have very few options.

  • Restore your system from a backup.
  • Format the hard drive to wipe out all data and then re-install the operating system and applications. You lose all of your personal data, may face costly additional licensing fees to restore your old software environment, and still face the threat of future ransomware attacks.
  • Pay the ransom and hope that your data will be restored. However, there are no guarantees that paying up will restore your files.) Some ransomware gangs don’t deliver the promised decryption key. Others may be caught by authorities, or disappear before they can deliver on their end of the ransom bargain.

What is the best way to protect your computer from ransomware?

Until an active protection technology becomes commercially available, backup (with a copy of backup data stored in the cloud) is the only sure way to recover your data after a ransomware attack without paying the ransom.

Run full image backup with Acronis True Image. If your system is compromised, you’ll be able to restore the entire system at once, without going through files one by one.

Ransomware poses a real threat to every computer user and every device connected to the internet. Get educated, be vigilant, and spread the world with your friends and family. Don’t be fooled, and protect your data with backup!

On January 18, Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation with Acronis Active Protection™ feature was released. The innovative product received the GOLD Self-Protection Award from Anti-Malware Testing lab. The new feature provides users with a new level of ransomware protection as it detects first symptoms of new and known ransomware attacks, making the backup more secure, and reducing the number of times data needs to be restored from the backup.

To read the full article, please Click here!

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